The Pegasus is a flying horse in Greek mythology, usually pictured as a majestic white stallion with powerful wings.

When the Greek god, Poseidon lay with Medusa, Athene turned her into a terrible monster whose very glance could petrify the onlooker. Only Poseidon was able to defeat her and, as he decapitated her, the seeds of her union with Poseidon were released from her body, becoming the warrior Chrysaor and the winged horse, Pegasus.

Pegasus became a favorite of the Muses of Mount Helicon and created the sacred well, Hippocrene, by stamping his hoof upon the ground.


Pegasus and Bellerophon
Art by BrigadierABT

Pegasus became the helper of the hero Bellerophon who sought him out and tamed him by throwing a golden bridle over his neck, the gift of the goddess Athene.  Flying upon the horse’s back, Bellerophon destroyed the Chimaera.

Later in his story, and after much praise, Bellerophon got above himself and began to think of himself as a god. He undertook a flight to Mount Olympus, home of the gods, but Zeus sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus under the tail, that caused him to rear and unseat his rider. Bellerophon fell to earth into a thorn bush and wandered the land blind, lame and accursed for his presumption until he died.

Pegasus remained on Olympus as the pack beast for Zeus’ thunderbolts.​

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